Jan 20

YES!!!!!!!!! Finally, a nice day at the MGC traps. 40 degrees….ABOVE zero,,,and a light breeze. That put a whole different perspective on breaking targets. It was good to see people out of “hibernation” and breaking good scores. And, of all good things today, Leo Switala, who had a heart attack at MGC a while ago, steps to the line for the first time since then, and has high score of the day!!! NICE SHOOTING LEO.
Congrats to John Podergois for high score in the 16 yd. Event.

1st Class
Leo Switala 48
Chris Miller 47

2nd Class
Terry Peterson 43
Dutch Poel 43

3rd Class
Jack Swanson 40
Terry Peterson 40

4th Class
David Maples 38
Dean LeRud 38

Ties = Handicap from the back

16 yd. Event
John Podergois 48

Thanks to everyone who shot today.

On February 10th we will be hosting our annual Valentine Jackpot and will again be having a nice piece of jewelery to give away. More details later.

Hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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