Jan 13

Oh baby it’s cold outside…..STILL. Sound like a broken record???? Yeah, maybe, but it is, COLD. Relief looks to be on the way for NEXT weekend. Right now they’re predicting mid 30’s. And for 600K a year, we know that they’re always right.

We did have some brave souls shooting today in the minus 8 degree weather. Hardly a breeze and lots of bright sunshine. I don’t know how he did it but David Maples even had a 25 straight in singles. Very nice David. And high score of the day goes to out of shooting retirement Big Dan Ward. Nice shooting Dan.

1st Class…Dan Ward 39

2nd Class…John Podergois 30

Ties = Singles from the front.

Thanks again to everyone who shot today.

Hope to see you next week….with shorts on.

Jimmy Bowen

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