Jan 06

Ohhh baby its cold outside……Another chilly one. -5 degrees when the 1st squad went out…..and that was cold enough to make the targets fly erratically, they were frozen too, and your hands become numb before the round was over. It did warm up to 7 degrees ABOVE zero but by that time the wind made the difference. John Podergois showed up with heated gloves…smart man. There were more hearty souls today, which was good to see, but no girls…so I didn’t get beat by a girl this week. David Maples had high score…Nice shooting David.

1st Class….David Maples 45

2nd Class….Mark Cameron 33

Ties = Singles from the front then Handicap from the front.

Thanks to everyone who shot today, hope to see you next week.

Jimmy Bowen

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