Feb 9

Well, as you might expect, participation was minimal today. The temp never did get to the “expected” high of 9 degrees that the weather guessers “predicted”. But, the good thing was the wind was light from the SE. Targets weren’t too bad, it was just cold out and as you all know, we don’t move as fluidly when the wind chill is 15 below. 

No 25 straights today, four 24’s were posted though. Mike Gunderson, Jimmy Bowen for 2, and Scott Steffen. High score was a tie at 44. Jimmy Bowen and Scott Steffen. Scott had a good day.

Next Saturday, February 16th, do or die, we’ll be shooting for the Pendant and the Heart Shaped Boxes of Chocolate. The rounds posted today will count toward the Pendant drawing. Enter the event 3 times or more and your name gets put in for the drawing.

1st Class
Scott Steffen  44

2nd Class
Scott Steffen  38

Ties = Singles from the front.

Thanks to everyone who shot today, I hope you’ve warmed up by now.

C’mon out next Saturday and hopefully you’ll bring home that beautiful pendant.

Good luck to everyone heading south for the Spring Grand. We’ll be watching you on the internet.

Jimmy Bowen

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