Feb 24

Another “winter” type day at MGC. The forecast of temps in the low 30’s never made it, imagine that, dark clouds, east wind, hoarfrost on the trees and 12 degrees at the start. And, as I’m typing this, we’re getting 6″-8″ of that pretty white stuff….snow. Will it ever end???

The word…words…from Tucson are so much better, although the other morning there is was 34 degrees in the morning. But it warms up fast. They’ve had some wind to deal with but a few of our “locals” are doing good.
Last Sunday Jerry Demulling had 100 straight is Doubles then had 99 in Handicap. On Tuesday and Thursday Cheryl Demulling had 100 straights in Singles. Wednesday Scott Steffen had 97 in Handicap, Jerry had 98 in Doubles. And yesterday Curt Peterson had 99 in Handicap. Nice shooting everybody.

Today Dennis Kecker had high score, nice shooting Dennis, and again, there were no 25 straights.

1st Class….Dennis Kecker 45

2nd Class….Randy Jones 40

Ties = Handicap from the back.

Thanks to everyone who shot today, hope to see you next Saturday.

Couple pictures attached. One of Curt Peterson shooting off his 99 in Handicap and MGC shooters shooting in handicapped conditions. :>)

Jimmy Bowen

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