Feb 10

A nice sunny day at MGC. Light winds, mid teens for temperature, and heart shaped trophies on the line. Not a lot of 25’s today, in fact only one, nice shooting Ed Dietz!!, a few 24’s and it went from there.

Big winner of the day…..Jeff Rempel….way to go Jeff. Jeff took a couple Lewis Classes, a box of candy, and the Heart Shaped Diamond Pendant. Love is in the air at the Rempel household. :>)

Candy winners…Ed Dietz, Scott Steffen, Jeff Rempel, Craig Raines, Dennis Kecker, Gary Pederson, Mark Hintz, Jose Hawley, Joslynn Hawley, and Mike Gunderson. Great shooting everybody.

Combo Winners
1st Class
Jeff Rempel 43
Dennis Kecker 42

2nd Class
Jimmy Brand 34
Mark Cameron 34

Ties = Singles from the back.

16 yd Event
1st Class….Jeff Rempel 47

2nd Class….Josh Hawley 39

Thanks to everyone who shot today. Hope to see you next week.

Jimmy Bowen

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