Mar 02

Well, the sun was out and the day started out pretty good but as we got into the afternoon the wind came up and IT WAS COLD!! But, it is just the beginning of March. 18 degrees with a 15 mph wind from the NW. Mark and the employees did a great job clearing the sidewalks and trap pads of snow. What was maybe throwing things off was you couldn’t use the trap house for a gun hold reference due to the fact that the snow was even with the top of the houses and the snow piles were even higher.

One good thing, I was able to grill the porterhouses without turning on the deck light!!! We must be getting closer to warmer weather.

In two weeks, March 16th, MGC will be hosting our annual St. Patrick’s Day Jackpot. We’ll have randomly placed GREEN targets in the carousel and if you hit one you will win one of our famous MGC Gunclub burgers. One per person please. Just remember, when one comes out of the house, don’t lift your head to peek at it. :>) We’ll be throwing enough of ’em so that everybody should end up with one.

One 25 straight today…Mark Cameron. Nice shooting Mark.

1st Class
Jimmy Bowen  47
Dennis Kecker 44

2nd Class
David Maples  39
Jeff Rempel    39

Ties = Handicap from the front then handicap from the back then singles from the front then singles from the back.

Thanks to everyone who shot today. Hope to see you next Saturday. They’re forecasting 30 degrees!!

Jimmy Bowen  AKA “The Armed Robber”  Whats up with that???? 

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