Dec 23

A cold but sunny day with a WNW wind. It made the mid teens temp feel like a low single digit temps. But, that didn’t stop Ken “Lights out” Norman from posting a 25 straight on the first squad out!! Nice shooting Ken. For a good part of the day that was the only 25 straight posted to claim one of those delicious bone-in hams. That was until our good friends from Wisconsin showed up. Sandy Jo Jack posted a 25 straight in her first outing to the traps, and later in the day, Dennis Minks got one too.

The big winner of the day was Jimmy Brand who in addition to winning a ham, took 3 of the Lewis Class spots. Way to go Jimmy.

The ham winners for 25 straights… Ken Norman, Sandy Jack, Dennis Minks and Jimmy Bowen. For a score of 24…. Dennis Kecker, Scott Messenger, Jimmy Brand, Scott Steffen, Mark Cameron and Doug Dingman. Nice shooting everybody.

Thank you to everyone who brought food to share. There were 2 kinds of chili, shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon, beer cheese dip, crackers, pretzels, Christmas cookies and chocolate fudge black walnut caramel brownies with raspberry topping. Oh, and our friends from South MGC in Tucson sent a picture of some wonderful cookies….and that counts. They look nice Cheryl.

1st Class
Sandy Jack 46
Jimmy Bowen 46

2nd Class
Jimmy Brand 41
Jimmy Brand 41

3rd Class
Jimmy Brand…again 39
Dennis Minks 39

4th Class
Charlie Buehler 36
Scott Messenger 36

Ties = Handicap from the back.

16 yd. Event
Doug Dingman 48

Next Saturday, New Years Eve Eve day, December 30th, we’ll be having the Jackpot and if you would like, bring an appetizer or dessert to share. The forecast right now is for a high of 2 degrees so Jimmy Bowen’s Firehouse Chili will be there for sure.

Hope to see you there.

Stay warm and Merry Christmas from MGC!!!!

Jimmy Bowen

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