Dec 22

Here we go. Too much Christmas Cheer last night and a pot of coffee this morning, here’s the shoot results.

MGC was rock’in and roll’in yesterday. The clubhouse was packed, lots of banter going on, a very nice spread of appetizers and sweets to enjoy and some new faces. It was a great Holiday shoot. Thanks to everyone who attended, from near and far, some 3 hours away, to help make it one of the best shoot’s that we’ve had.

With the nice weather for this time of year, the hams on the line, and the competitors that were present the scores showed the level in intensity.
As usual, Stormin Ken Norman, 1st squad out, post 1, proceeded to run 25 straight to claim the 1st of the hams that were ALL claimed by 25 straights. And with Santa Claus’ presence in the air, we handed out 11 hams instead of the posted 10. The “hams” winning the hams are Ken Norman…Tim Mackey…Sandra Jo Jack…Dennis Minks…Randy Jones…Mike Crepeau…Curt Peterson…Rich Gerlach…Jimmy Brand…Barclay Holscher…Bob Smith. Great shooting everyone, enjoy those delicious hams.

Usually by this time of year the scores suffer a little with the cold, cloudy condition and being all bundled up. Well, last week Curt Peterson posted a 50 straight and claimed the Perpetual Purse, for the SECOND time this season, and yesterday Mike Crepeau walks out and puts up a 49!!! Nothing to it huh Mike. Nice shooting. Following that there were five 48’s, a slew of 47’s, which got skipped over by the Lewis class, and it went from there. On the 48’s, Dennis Minks took it with a 25 straight in HANDICAP. Way to go Dennis. It’s good to see that kind of shooting in December. So, here are the SEVEN Lewis Class winners, 14 places paid out.

1st Class
Mike Crepeau  49
Dennis Minks  48

2nd Class
Mike Crepeau    46
Scott Messenger  46

3rd Class
Ken Norman    45
Curt Peterson  45

4th Class
Brian Anderson  44
Randy Jones      44

5th Class
Lucky Lomker    43
Ed Dietz        43

6th Class
Ed Dietz      42
Mark Cameron  42

7th Class
Brian Anderson  39
Mark Klanchnik  39

Ties = Handicap from the back then Handicap from the front then Singles from the back.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody and their families from the Minneapolis Gun Club.
Mark your calendar for the MGC Chili Cook-off Jackpot January 12th 2019. Details to follow.

Jimmy Bowen

Here are some more pictures that wouldn’t load….too much MB.

Poor Mrs. Mackey….She had to go home with 2 hams. :>) Mike Crepeau and Curt Peterson snuck out before we could get their pictures.

Merry Christmas

Jimmy Bowen

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