Dec 17 2016

Oh boy, the crapola hit the fan today. 3 degrees, 17 mph North wind, MINUS 20 degree wind chills and we’re supposed to go out and shoot targets???? Well…yaaaaa.

There were some brave souls that did bundle up and do what we’re supposed to do on a day when there isn’t anything else going on….SHOOT. All I could think about today was how much I appreciate those 95 degree days at Sparta and I can’t wait until August comes around. Then to top it off I get a picture sent showing some goof ball standing around in SHORTS at MGC South!!! What the hell is with that.

The hams all went, there were three 24’s posted, Dennis Kecker, Scott Steffen and Jimmy B, and the scores from there went sometimes way down.

Thanks to everyone who shot today and put up with the weather.

1st Class
Jimmy Bowen    44

2nd Class
Mark Cameron  36

Next Saturday, Christmas Eve, MGC will be closed so that our employees can enjoy time with their family’s.
We will be open December 31st, New Years Eve.

Merry Christmas to all.

Jimmy Bowen

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