Apr 7

Another cold one at MGC. The sun was shinning brightly, the wind….was there, and the fingers were going numb due to the 25 degree temp. But, as always, a few rise to the top and shoot pretty damn good. Ken Norman decided to shoot the 16 yd. event as a warm up and warm up he did. Shot a 50 straight. Great shooting Ken. In the singles/handicap event most of the scores were 30’s range with a few posting in the 40’s. Along comes Ray Monson and shoots a 43 then backs it up with a 45. Great shooting Ray.

OK,we’re coming down the “home” stretch. There are 3 Saturdays left to shoot MGC Jackpot Trap, and only 2 Saturdays left to qualify for the Jackpot Finale, which is April 28th. Right now there are about 20 people qualified and some that are close. Now, even if you aren’t qualified, on the 28th EVERYBODY is welcome to shoot. We will be holding our regular Lewis Class event along with the added money event. So, c’mon out and shoot,shoot,shoot.

1st Class
Ray Monson 45
Ray Monson 43

2nd Class
Dutch Poehl 37
Mike Gunderson 37

Ties = Handicap from the front.

16 yd. Event
Ken Norman 50

Thanks to everyone who shot today, hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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