Apr 6

The rain today was pretty much done at shootin time but we never saw the sun like the weather guessers guessed at. Thick heavy clouds stayed around all day but the wind wasn’t bad and the temps were mid 50’s. We’ve shot in worse.

Like so many times, that first squad goes out and sets the pace for everyone to “shoot” for. Gary “Mad Dog” Pederson goes out and runs the singles and a 22 in ‘caps for a 47. Nice shooting Gary!!! Way to wake ’em up. Bobby Munson Jr., AKA Mark Hintz, also ran the singles on that first squad but fell a little short on the ‘caps. But, nice shooting Mark. Barclay Holscher, on the 4th squad also posted a 47. Barclay has turned the wick up the last few weeks and shoots well. Nice shooting Barclay.

OK, 2 weeks to go. 1 week left to qualify for the added money. On April 20th we will be holding the Jackpot Finale AND the Easter Ham Jackpot. ALL ON THE SAME DAY. Plan to attend if you can, we’d like to finish up the season with a “bang”.

Thanks to everyone who shot today, hope to see you next Saturday.

1st Class
Jimmy Bowen  49      And, no, I didn’t miss my first or last target of Handicap. :>)
Barclay Holscher  47

2nd Class
Ray Monson      44
Terry Peterson  44

3rd Class
Leo Switala  40
Len Lindquist 40

Ties = Handicap from the back.

Jimmy Bowen

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