Apr 21

Finally, a 60 degree day!!! With sunshine and light winds…whoever woulda thought.

With the nice weather came some pretty good scores….and the return of the snowbirds. Jerry and Cheryl Demulling, who have been shooting “registered” practice all winter long in Tucson, graced MGC and proceeded to give “lessons”. Cheryl stepped to the line and posted a 48!! Nice shooting Cheryl!! Then Jerry, not to be outdone by a girl, squished her like a bug and posted a 49!! Nice shooting Jerry!!! Tom Sletta was there also but states that he hasn’t been able to find his gun yet in the motor home. Thanks Tom for posting the scores.

Today was the last day to qualify for the $1000.00 add money Jackpot Finale. We will be hosting the Finale next Saturday and the weather right now looks fabulous. We will also be doing the normal Lewis Class payouts too so everybody has a chance to win. Cancel everything else and c’mon out and enjoy the day. It’ll be months before the next Jackpot.

1st Class
Jerry Demulling 49
Cheryl Demulling 48

2nd Class
Jeff Rempel 43
Cheryl Demulling 43

3rd Class
Scott Steffen 42
David Maples 42

4th Class
David Maples 37
Mark Cameron 37

Ties = Handicap from the front.

Thanks to everyone who shot today, hope to see you next Saturday.

Jimmy Bowen

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