Finally, a GREAT weather day at MGC. Temp got up to 49 degrees, plenty of bright warm sunshine, and wind at 1 mph with gusts up to 3.6 mph. It was a perfect day for Kilts!!! It doesn’t get much better than that.

With the warm weather came the shooters, some that haven’t been to a MGC Jackpot shoot for some time. It was good to see people come out of hibernation. Maybe it was the green targets and the free burgers???? Last count was 30 some burgers. Maybe we should do that every week!!! Or maybe it was the delicious Irish stew and the Bailey’s Chocolate Fudge cake??? We could do that every week too. But then St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t seem so special.

High score today was posted by Scott Messenger, nice shooting Scott, and lots of 25 straights posted.

1st Class
Scott Messenger 48
Dennis Minks 47

2nd Class
Glenn Linden 45
Ray Monson 45

3rd Class
Tom Suter 43
Brad Marshall 43

4th Class
Jay Neitzell 42
Jay Again 42

5th Class
Mark Cameron 41
Dennis Minks 41

6th Class
Daryll Olson 38
David Maples 38

7th Class
Jamie Victor 35
Dean LeRud 35

Ties = Singles from the back

16 yd. Event
1st Class…..Tim Raines 47

2nd Class…..Dianna Mollenhauer 36

Ties = Singles from the back

Thanks to everyone who shot today and made it such a great day.

In 2 weeks, March 31st MGC will be hosting our annual Easter Ham Jackpot. More details to come.

Jimmy O’Bowen

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